Global Wealth Platform (GWP)

Manage your entire investment process in one place.

SS&C’s Global Wealth Platform is our comprehensive, cloud-based solution that enables you to manage your entire investment process, end-to-end, on a single platform, leveraging a single database, from a single provider. GWP bridges your front, middle and back offices and ensures consistency of data across all phases of the investment process.

With GWP, you no longer have issues arising from trying to integrate disparate components for different processes from different vendors. Its flexible, modular architecture makes it highly customizable to unique workflow requirements. Built from the ground up as a cloud-based solution, GWP lowers your overhead, minimizes maintenance requirements and simplifies upgrades.

Broad asset coverage: Simplify the management of complex investment strategies with support for all asset classes and multicurrency capabilities in one system.

Reduce operational risk: Automation and integration across one platform eliminates offline workarounds and manual processes.

Room to grow: Manage growth more effectively and take on additional products, clients and assets without having to increase headcount.