Long-Term Debt Manager

Streamline and simplify accounting for conventional debt and structured financing.

Long-Term Debt Manager provides a robust browser-based application for conventional debt and structured finance accounting. Book entry and registered bonds are provided with full connectivity to the DTCC and third-party applications. It’s easy to set up and maintain reference, contact and agent information, new issuers, issues or holders, and entry, approval, modification and import of tranches. Reporting capabilities include transfer tracking, SEC and OFAC reporting, cost basis accounting and transfer statements.

Broad coverage: Long-Term Debt Manager supports conventional debt processing for corporate and municipal bonds, and structured finance accounting for CMO, CDO, CLO, CBO and Reg S/144a.

Single-source accounting: The solution enables comprehensive cash accounting, payments, interest accruals, principal adjustments, and tax withholding calculations. Maintains call schedules and processes full, selected or lottery calls.

Seamless external connections: The system links to DTCC for FAST and BMA5, and links to other third-party systems for DDA, wires, trust accounting, billing and analytics.

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