Retirement Intelligence

From data audits and enhancements to sophisticated analytical modeling, "what if" simulations, and recommendations, Retirement Intelligence helps retirement service providers reveal unforeseen challenges and opportunities for themselves and for their clients that can drive directly to the bottom line.

Plan Health Solutions

Knowledge and action driven by Retirement Intelligence.

Transform the complex and abstract concept of plan health into measurable, actionable insights for plan sponsors. Plan Health Solutions combines deep data and a user-centric interface to enhance plan sponsors' ability to confidently and efficiently monitor, benchmark, and adjust relevant plan elements to help meet their fiduciary obligations and support positive participant outcomes

Plan Health Solutions can be implemented in two ways, individually or together, depending on plan providers' plan-level service offering strategy:

  • Plan Health Dashboard—Interactive real-time view for plan sponsors
    Plan Health Dashboard puts an innovative new approach to supporting plan health literally in the hands of plan sponsors resulting in more engagement and action. The app-like clean, clear layout not only presents key metrics in a user-friendly format, but data is real-time so plan sponsors and their advisors can collaborate continuously on optimizing plan health – a valuable and differentiating dynamic.
  • Plan Health Review—Detailed, point-in-time review for face-to-face meetings
    Many plan providers and plan sponsors still find printed plan health reports a valuable document for assessing plan health and driving conversations. Plan Health Review is custom-designed to facilitate discussion of plan metrics and provide plan-specific performance scores and targeted recommendations.