SS&C CAT Reporting Portal

Automate All Your CAT Reporting Obligations with SS&C CAT Reporting Portal

SS&C CAT Reporting Portal manages and automates the entire reporting lifecycle in compliance with Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) requirements. It is a secure, web-based portal that aggregates, maps, and enriches your trade data with new required fields like FDID (firm-designated ID), and then translates the data into a FINRA-compliant CAT report that can be automatically submitted directly to FINRA CAT.

SS&C CAT Reporting Portal integrates with Eze EMS, MarketTrader, as well as any third-party software or data sources and is backed by our dedicated service team that partners with you from implementation to go-live, and ongoing support for any unmatched or rejected events.

  • Consolidate your trading activity: Consolidate reportable trading activity across your platforms.
  • Guarantee proper format: Ensure your data is in a CAT-reportable format.
  • Fully automate your reporting: Automate reporting to FINRA CAT.
  • Transparent and accessible: Access a full audit trail of all reporting portal activity.

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