The one solution for all things timeshare.

The TimeShareWare suite is the all-in-one platform addressing the management needs of all sizes and types of shared-ownership resorts, including vacation clubs, fractional properties, condo-hotels, vacation rentals and timeshare resorts. It’s a modular platform encompassing solutions for marketing and contact management, sales and contracts, owner services, reservations and property management. TimeShareWare and its components are available in a range of options, from simple cloud-based, out-of-the box solutions to customized, end-to-end enterprise applications.

TimeShareWare Essentials:

TimeShareWare Essentials is a powerful cloud-based web application specifically designed for small stand-alone single-site resorts with typical timeshare management needs. TimeShareWare Essentials is sensible, easy to use and affordable.

TimeShareWare Professional:

TimeShareWare Professional is a flexible out of the box solution designed specifically for marketing, sales and contracting, owner/member services, reservations and property management operations. TimeShareWare Professional allows resorts to view room availability and book reservations for mid-size and large single sites or across multiple resort locations.

TimeShareWare Enterprise:

TimeShareWare Enterprise is designed for large resorts operations with complex, multi-faceted system needs. Integration, customization, scalability and performance are the principle objectives in TimeShareWare Enterprise. TimeShareWare Enterprise is highly modular and is capable of handling multi-currencies.

TimeShareWare CondotelWare:

TimeShareWare CondotelWare is specifically designed for the unique challenges of condominium hotels without the complexity. Whether whole and/or fractional ownership, features include owner accounting and revenue distribution, rental programs with rotation rules, owner reservation and usage rights, FF&E maintenance and tracking, owners relations management, performance metrics and reporting, and interface to existing property management systems. 

SS&C TimeShareWare Arrive

TimeShareWare Arrive is a contactless check-in solution that can quickly help bring resort operations back to normal and provide peace of mind to your guests and staff. With a convenient user experience and specially designed screens, guests will be able to check in using a mobile phone, computer or kiosk, either at the resort or remotely, all seamlessly integrated with front desk software.