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Environmental Arrangements

UKAS-ISO-14001It is the policy of the SS&C Global Investor and Distribution Solutions (“SS&C GIDS”) to maintain an environmental system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of our business.

SS&C GIDS takes a long-term and all-inclusive approach to managing the environmental risks and opportunities facing our business. Our Health. Safety and Environmental Management System (“HSEMS”) underpins all our activities, including minimising the impacts of our business activities on the environment

Overall responsibility for approving and reviewing our Environmental policy lies with the SS&C GIDS Board. It recognises that as an international financial services business our environmental impacts cover not only our day-to-day operations and the properties we occupy but also the indirect impacts of our investment activities. We have a key role to play through the services and products we provide to our customers to support the transition to an environmentally sustainable and low carbon economy. The objective of this policy, therefore, is to manage our impacts and promote sustainable practices.


This policy currently applies to the following properties of SS&C GIDS:

  • SS&C House, St Nicholas Lane, Basildon, Essex SS15 5FS
  • Adams House, 2 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 5LG
  • Erskine Court, The Castle Business Park, Stirling, FK9 4TZ

It takes into account the differing environmental legislation and standards under which SS&C GIDS operates in these locations.

Our environmental commitment

We commit to:

  • Comply with local environmental compliance obligations as they relate to our operations
  • Implement risk management systems that assess the environmental impact of our operations and seek to prevent pollution and ensure continual improvement
  • Set targets to improve our performance and encourage the implementation of energy and water efficiency and waste measures into the premises and promote waste minimisation, re-use, recovery and recycling
  • Seek to use renewable sources of energy where commercially feasible
  • In conjunction with our IT and Procurement teams, seek to source IT and office equipment which minimises energy consumption
  • Maximise the use of video conferencing applications to reduce the need to travel
  • Encourage our suppliers and business partners, to adopt good environmental practices and where appropriate, collaborate with them on solutions to mitigate our own impacts
  • Raise staff awareness of their role in adopting environmentally responsible behaviour
  • Take into consideration environmental performance and energy efficiency during the operation of our facilities including renewal of equipment; and
  • Support initiatives in our local areas and collaborate with others to deliver a more sustainable future

Measuring and reporting on our environmental performance

We will monitor and review our environmental performance against the environmental commitments set out in this policy. The policy will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

We have are committed to achieving Net Zero status by 2035. Our current carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) for the 2023 period is 6092.9 tCO2e which has been published in our annual statutory accounts. This represents 6.29% reduction from 2022.