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BLOGS. June 29, 2023

To Combat High-Tech, Advisors Embrace High-Touch

Technology is changing the face of financial advice, enabling wealth management firms to deliver data-driven, scalable solutions to their investors at a relatively low cost. These solutions are disrupting how advice is delivered, forcing financial advisors to take a long, hard look at their value proposition and the service that they deliver to their clients. Although many established wealth management firms are embracing technology-driven solutions as a way to reach a wider audience, these same firms still want to ensure that they are able to deliver higher levels of service to their most valuable customers. This is where advisors come in—provided that they are actually delivering the type of service that these valuable customers expect. As a result, advisors are grappling with how to make their services more relevant and high-touch in order to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving technology environment.

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