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Credit Risk & Exposure Management on the Cloud: Algorithmics Credit Manager

The latest release of SS&C Algorithmics Credit Manager is available now.

It is the first fully cloud-enabled version of the product. Offering ACM on the cloud allows our clients to take advantage of the reduced operational costs and improved application security that comes with cloud deployment and allows flexible scalable deployment options that can respond quickly to changes in the credit business. 

This release includes the following new features to support your credit risk management.

First containerized version of ACM for delivery to the cloud and on-premises clients

ACM will be deliverable to clients in docker containers in a Kubernetes framework allowing ACM to be easily distributed to both Cloud and On-premise clients.

New credit application data capture screens

In line with our commitment to persona-based UI development, ACM has reworked data capture screens providing enhancements in the areas of credit facility management and facility pricing.  These will significantly improve the user experience for credit officers and underwriters in ACM, by providing data capture and control screens that guide users through the credit process in an intuitive, clear and logical manner.

Central Counterparty and Tri-party Repo support

Responding to regulatory demand, ACM now has features to support the identification of and calculation for central counterparties in derivative transactions and agents in tri-party repos.

ACM is a complete credit risk platform meeting the needs of organizations to know, price, control, monitor and reduce credit risk. ACM capabilities include providing a single view of risk, credit exposure calculation and consolidation, limits management, excess monitoring, what-if and limit reservations, and qualitative and quantitative ratings.

This credit risk platform is supported with workflow management and processing, loan and limit origination, dashboarding and reporting—including historical reporting as well as full document management capabilities

Key prerequisites

ACM supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms and requires an Oracle, DB2 or PostgreSQL database.

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