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Do You Know What PORTIA Can Do for You?

In my role as Global Pre-Sales Manager at SS&C, I regularly meet with clients to discuss the full range of technology, software solutions and operational services that we offer. I am frequently asked to provide solutions for a given client’s most-troubling pain points, and I often find that these requirements are supported by the systems existing functionality, or already available in a more recent version of the system than the client is using.

SS&C’s PORTIA system is a good example of a solution that has been continually updated and has greater capabilities than clients may understand. In this blog, I will outline some of PORTIA’s latest enhancements to help you understand what options you already have available, perhaps without even realizing it.

Below is a high-level recap of just some of the many enhancements recently developed and available in the latest version—are you taking advantage of them?

Enhanced PORTIA Features

PORTIA Centre offers a more modern-looking and user-friendly view of PORTIA. It also adds new functionality such as:

  • Users can set up a Favorites list of common tasks, or even batch jobs, with one-click access
  • Users can now run multiple PORTIA tasks at the same time using a single log-on credential
  • Single Sign-On and enhanced security available through Microsoft Active Directory
  • Access to security, portfolio and report groups for quicker, more intuitive views of commonly used information
  • Tab views for easy switching between PORTIA and non-PORTIA applications in a single window

PORTIA Functionality Updates

  • New, intuitive, data visualization tool, PORTIA Explorer, provides flexible options to view PORTIA data via grids, pivot tables and charts for quicker access to key information
  • Native support for Brazilian bonds via BUS/252 calendar code
  • Ability to post interest accruals on Settle Date+1 onwards and to not automatically mature bonds in default
  • Additional report writer support for filename (path plus name) of up to 128 characters on export files
  • Analytics enhancements to report simple yields for long-term bonds and Thai treasury bonds for compound yields

Enhanced PORTIA Performance & Scalability

  • Transaction import improvements, including code changes, made to reduce contention and increase the effectiveness of parallel streams
  • Leverages latest features in SQL 2014
  • Code improvements and scalability testing for large data volumes and large data capacity clients

PORTIA Integration to Other SS&C Solutions

  • Integration to Vision FI, SS&C’s client reporting tool, offers PORTIA clients an end-to-end solution for designing, producing and distributing both online and printed client communications content. 
  • The PORTIA Recon dashboard connects directly to SS&C Recon to easily identify and correct breaks from custodians.
  • Our PORTIA to SS&C Sylvan connection automates the feeds of holdings, transactions and required data to calculate performance.

I have noted just some of the more than 100 enhancements recently released to PORTIA clients. I hope that you have discovered new capabilities to use.

The operational know-how and technological expertise behind PORTIA is also propelling our new front-to-back investment operations system, SS&C Aloha, which delivers one comprehensive solution that supports all asset classes and the full investment operations lifecycle, such as modeling and trading, including UMA/SMA/TAMP support; performance and attribution; client reporting and self-service; reconciliation; IBOR (Investment Book of Record) and ABOR (Accounting Book of Record), including GL; NAV/unit pricing; and tax management. Download our brochure to learn more.



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