Launching a fund with ease and experience

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | By Brad Swenson, Head of Registered Fund Services

Launching a fund with ease and experience

Taking the easy or hard way is certainly your choice when entering the financial market—we would advise that you choose the easy way and have more time to focus on what you do as an asset manager. When launching a fund, there are many reasons an advisor should consider a series trust rather than creating their own trust. Obstacles like being new to the retail space or navigating the legal and compliance requirements are among several factors when making your decision.

As you are outlining the pros and cons and deciding what your next move should be, here are a few advantages of a series trust to consider:

  • Increased speed to market for a new fund.
  • Lower break-even points for you, as the advisor.
  • More time for you to focus on what you do best:
    • management of the portfolio
    • gathering assets
    • looking out for your investors’ interest
    • growing your firm
  • Gaining connections with major platforms and increasing your distribution opportunities.
  • Worry-free operations.

One of the key features that a series trust can offer is providing an extension of your team to handle registration and filings, which also helps address the constant regulatory changes in our market. Partnering with a confident and well-informed partner that offers a series trust solution also eliminates the need to seek and nominate a Board of Trustees and ensures that they have the knowledge needed to oversee your fund.

SS&C’s ALPS Series Trust solution provides you with an engaged board relationship, complemented by a unique end-to-end distribution solution with scalability and flexibility, that leverages our technology and expertise to meet each of your unique needs. Our 35+ years of industry experience and the longevity of our series trust platform instill confidence through the compliance stability we provide. 

To learn more about how our experience, technology and relationships will assist in realizing operational efficiencies with immediate access to critical information and processes, contact us.  

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