SS&C in Australia - your BPO partner

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | By Jeff Arnold, Director of Sales

SS&C in Australia - your BPO partner

Around the globe, SS&C is a leader in the business process outsourcing (BPO) markets we serve, with services for mutual funds, hedge funds and retirement. We are bringing these additional services locally to the Australian market to provide a flexible offering that will allow clients to take our solutions either on-premise or in the cloud, with or without member admin services.

Many funds turn to BPO to free up time to focus on their core business and enhance member engagement and outcomes. BPO is a good choice for Superannuation funds seeking to simplify their operations, reduce costs and provide scale.  Our BPO services can be tailored to meet your evolving needs with a solution that includes a configurable member portal, single customer view for advisors and contact centers, straight-through exceptions-based processing and state-of-the-art integration.

We are launching a new Superannuation BPO in Australia, which leverages our global expertise to deliver a suite of “a la carte” services that puts funds back in control of their business, their data and their member engagements.

Our BPO enables funds to focus on their core business while providing the highest level of member experience in the market.

In Australia, we also offer front, middle and back-office solutions including data aggregation, order management, performance and attribution, reconciliations, fund accounting and member administration. Aggregating investment and member data in one platform gives our clients unique insights to gain a competitive advantage

To learn more about our BPO services in Australia, watch our latest video.



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