SS&C - shortlisted in eight categories at Waters Rankings Awards 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019 | By Danielle Marsilla

SS&C - shortlisted in eight categories at Waters Rankings Awards 2019

We’re pleased to announce that SS&C has made the shortlist for the Waters Rankings Awards 2019. These awards celebrate and recognize financial services providers, technology vendors, service providers and regulators that have demonstrated operational excellence over the past year.

At SS&C we partner with various investment managers worldwide, so we know first-hand that no two investment managers are the same. SS&C brings together a strong and diverse suite of technology that offers something different for every investment manager based on their unique strategy, style and organization. We recognize those differences and we strive to offer unique and flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs. The right solution isn’t the same solution for every business. What unites us is a dedication providing the best technology and service to our customers. 

Read on to see which SS&C products have been shortlisted!

Trading Tools

#8. Best Buy-Side Order Management System (OMS) Provider
#9. Best Portfolio Management System Provider
#10. Best Execution Management System (EMS) Provider

Compliance, Risk Management and the Back Office

#25. Best Reporting System Provider
#26. Best Accounting System Provider

Infrastructure and Connectivity

#28. Best Outsourcing Provider
#32. Best Cloud-Based Application Provider
#33. Best Cloud Infrastructure Provider

Be sure to vote for your favorite SS&C Solution before May 24th and help us secure a win as a leading financial services solutions and technology provider! As always, we greatly appreciate your support!

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