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Tamale RMS: Continuing to Solve Investment Managers’ Research Demands

High quality, timely research is fundamental to well-informed investment decisions, better performance and improved investor returns. Yet the barrage of information from a multitude of sources overwhelms investment managers today.

How can managers hope to find, identify and act on priorities amid all the noise? Here are four tips:       

  1. Centralize research – increase access and auditability
  2. Improved due diligence process – access more content more quickly 
  3. Increase transparency – grow investor confidence
  4. Make better informed decisions – show results

More thorough investment due diligence in less time

Tamale RMS provides the investment management industry with a comprehensive solution specifically designed to bring automation and efficiency to the investment research process by centralizing research activities, improving due diligence and providing complete transparency.

At its core, the system operates as a centralized repository for capturing, organizing and sharing research. Integration with existing applications and automated email processing makes capturing information from any internal or external source in a multitude of formats easy and immediately searchable.

The result: teams spend their time debating ideas and making more informed investment decisions, rather than collecting and searching for data. In addition, the reasons behind each investment decision are documented for compliance purposes, satisfying the due diligence process, providing greater transparency and confidence to your investors.

Enhanced information access

On-demand access to the right information is a cornerstone of the platform.

With Tamale, a simple click gets users to all available information on any company, sector, topic, or fund manager. Whether local or on the road, seamless access to all your notes, files and contacts is available at your fingertips.  With the Tamale mobile apps you can capture ideas and interact with research anytime, anywhere.

Ongoing investment in R&D and regular semi-annual releases have further enhanced capabilities in Tamale RMS 18.1 release with:

  • Improved filtering to expedite searches
  • Faster rendering of dashboards
  • New dashboards for even easier to drill down into data. 

For the thousands of investment professionals who rely on Tamale RMS® to automate and streamline their research and decision-making processes, opportunities for improved collaboration and more effective investment decisions await.

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