The power of raising capital by digitizing your investor onboarding experience

Monday, September 30, 2019 | By Johnathan Marr, Director, e-Investor

The power of raising capital by digitizing your investor onboarding experience

SS&C’s e-Investor solution is designed to minimize the error rate of documents submitted by investors, which our research shows can be as high as 80%. Reducing that error rate is especially important during the onboarding process.

In the error-prone investor onboarding process, challenges contributing to inefficiencies and ultimately increasing the life cycle of the process include:

  • Document Complexity—Increases the probability of mistakes.
  • Incomplete Data—Results in remediation steps to collect the information.
  • AML Requirements—Only determined after submission, rather than upfront, delaying the receipt of the required support.
  • Wet Signature Collection—Delays submission for entity investors with multiple signers.
  • Lack of Process Transparency—Manual follow-ups adds pressure on the investor.

At its core, investor onboarding consists of four primary functions: the fulfillment of requests for account opening materials, investor completion of the subscription document, the review of the document, and AML collection. With e-Investor, you can manage each step of the process programmatically while also addressing known industry challenges by incorporating business logic, field requirements, required attachments, DocuSign, and progress monitoring.

Watch our “How to Digitize your investor onboarding experience: An Introduction to E-Investor” webinar to learn why organizations are choosing to digitize their investor experience.

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