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Unlocking Your Full Potential and Magnifying Exposure to Qualified Investors while Staying on Top of the Industry

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are a set of compliance standards administered by the CFA Institute and used by investment managers worldwide to ensure the transparent and complete disclosure of their funds’ performance. When investment firms claim compliance, investors can directly compare the performance of their funds with one another, a feature that has become a de-facto requirement during the manager selection process by institutional investors.

The latest version of GIPS brings a number of new requirements and recommendations. Insight’s calculation and reporting framework is designed to seamlessly address these additions.

Insight is the full-stop analytics and reporting platform you need to stay GIPS compliant.

With Insight you receive:

  • All your underlying data, including validation and calculation processes.
  • The construction and maintenance of composites.
  • Ability to create dynamic marketing-grade materials, including GIPS-compliant presentations.

Everyone is busy; Insight allows firms to focus their resources on adding value and growing their business by simplifying the reporting process with streamlined analytics and GIPS compliance integration.

From various compliances to ever-increasing competition among alternative fund managers, it can be difficult to stand out and gain exposure among a large network of prospective investors. Alternative Fund Managers are fighting to gain exposure and attract more capital. 

FundHub is a complete web-based investor analytics, research, operations and reporting platform that provides a consolidated view of funds, manager data and supporting documents. FundHub is widely used by allocators, funds of funds, and other types of alternative fund investors.

By submitting your fund’s data into our platform you will gain exposure to our growing network of qualified investors. These investors will be able to quickly and easily compare, analyze and model your fund with their current holdings. Our investor pool can then conduct due diligence, and select the funds that meet all of their needs, ensuring you won’t go unnoticed!

How can FundHub help my firm?

  • Gain exposure to a large network of qualified investors, as well as take advantage of the integrated electronic DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaires) workflow.  Armed with your fund's information, investors have the ability to analyze and model potential investments into your fund.
  • Maintain and analyze your own fund data and communicate efficiently with potential investors.
  • Enhance fundraising efforts and monitor followers, profile views, as well as inquiries into your fund data.

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