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SS&C Family Office Services

Keeping up with the increasing needs of the family office and complexity of investments, SS&C offers a suite of technology powered services to help reduce operating costs, risk and disparate systems.

Solutions to Help the Modern-Day Family Office

With portfolio diversification becoming increasingly important, SS&C can provide multi-asset class assistance with a customized model to support any size family office or investment.

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Robots in the Family Office? Not as Sci-Fi as it Sounds

Our whitepaper explores Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Family offices and looks at how technology could help improve efficiencies.


Complexity simplified

SS&C offers fully integrated, multi-currency portfolio management, financial and partnership accounting for family offices.


Five Operational Challenges Facing the Modern Family Office

A look at the challenges facing a modern Family Office and the steps they can take to help themselves moving forward.

Family Office Services

SS&C offers a one-stop solution that eliminates the cost, risk and time of integrating disparate systems. Working in close collaboration with your office, our team delivers a comprehensive suite of technology-powered services, including portfolio accounting and reporting, full transaction support, partnership accounting, and tax accounting and reporting.

Client Centric Support Model

A partner committed to meet unique client requirements. Our industry experts provide consulting on start-up, cash management, partnership agreements and reporting and compliance.

Improve Efficiency

Whether for daily or monthly information cycles, our process control and technology automates data gathering, transaction processing, reconciliation and reporting to save you time.

Elevate Reporting

More effective view of complete, interrelated financial picture – portfolio holdings, financial statements, performance, and compliance reporting.

Go Further

SS&C provides the deepest level of accounting, tax, partner allocation, and performance calculations combined with comprehensive services customized to each client’s specific needs.

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate mistakes and ensure accounting integrity via our fully integrated database and automated reconciliation processes.

Enhance Control

Mitigate risk with best practice business processes, segregation of duties, and full audit trail.


Artificial Intelligence in Family Office Software Solutions

In the family office sector, many offices want bespoke solutions that are uniquely tailored to their specific needs, rather than something off-the-shelf.


Opportunities for RPA and a Digital Workforce in Family Offices

Many family offices recognize the need to operate more efficiently, but don’t know where to start. RPA can easily free up staff for higher-value work


Selecting a Comprehensive Family Office Services Provider

Family offices need a solution that modernizes their operations while also achieving greater efficiency and controlling costs.