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Asset Allocator Services

Institutional investment operations are more elaborate, with diversified asset classes to account for and growing volumes of data. If you manage endowments, foundations, pension plans, or insurance portfolios, we can help you gain transparency, improve accounting and performance accuracy.

Focus on Manager Relationships and Investment Decisions

Let us handle your operations and accounting so you can focus on what really matters: capital allocation decisions.

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largest global fund administrator
Trillion in assets under administration
years of experience working with pensions, foundations, endowments and institutional investors

Our Services Combine Advanced Technology with Specialized Expertise

Partner with a Single Service Provider

Build a relationship with the team dedicated to servicing your business. With our modular service offering, we grow with you as your data needs evolve.

Increased Precision and Accuracy

Benefit from the expertise of portfolio accountants that review transaction and valuation activity to optimize your data, all accessible within one platform.

Timely and Actionable Insights

Our global service team streamlines your reporting process, and turns bespoke analysis into actionable information quickly and efficiently.

Asset Allocator Resources

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Asset Allocator Solutions

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SS&C Asset Allocator technology-powered solutions can help with your allocation needs for all fund types and family offices

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The Benefits for Asset Allocators in Outsourcing Investment Operations

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This paper explores why allocators should give serious consideration to outsourcing all or part of their investment operations.

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Managing and Mitigating Operational Risk in Multi-Fund Portfolios: An Asset Allocator Perspective

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The topic of operational risk in alternative fund investments is not a new one. Our whitepaper examines this in today's world.

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The First Step in Improving Investment Operations: Managing All Those Fund Documents

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Documents from Fund Managers need to be captured, categorized, scraped for information, sorted and made accessible when needed.

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Improving Document Management to Optimize Investment Operations

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Watch our webinar to hear the importance of document management and what steps you can take to improve your current set up

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