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SS&C Retail Alternatives

You need a partner that understands the evolving demands on distribution, compliance, communications and overall operations. SS&C provides front to back office technology and services to help you maintain focus on growing assets.

Gain Control and Easily Manage Operations

With portfolio diversification becoming increasingly important, SS&C can provide multi-asset class assistance with a customized model to support any size fund or investment.

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Navigating Interval Funds in Today’s Market

By understanding the nuances of interval funds, asset managers can provide retail investors access to illiquid asset strategies.


Casting the Net - How Hedge Funds are Using Alternative Data

Analysis shows that there is general optimism regarding how quickly alternative data will be adopted within the hedge fund industry.


Are REITs the Right Fit for You?

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)? Learn about the pros and cons of forming them, and the key risks related to their operations.

Retail Alternatives Solutions from SS&C

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Middle Office

Investor Servicing

Shadow Administration & Accounting

Infrastructure Support

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