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SEC Rule 18f-4 Best Practices for Implementation

SEC Rule 18f-4 changes the regulatory framework for derivatives use by registered investment companies. SS&C Algorithmics provides a simple, seamless solution for reporting: SS&C Algorithmics 18f-4 Risk Analytics Service.

SS&C Algorithmics 18f-4 Risk Analytics Service

Leveraging a solution that is highly configurable and can seamlessly integrate with external platforms can provide an edge in complying with the Rule.

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18f-4 Sample Reports

SEC Rule 18f-4 sample report submission. Leverage SS&C Algorithmics solution to handle your 18f-4 calculations and scenarios.


SS&C Algorithmics 18f-4 Demonstration Video

SS&C Algorithmics 18f-4 Solution demonstration video of calculations, reporting and submission.


Generation of Extreme but Plausible Stress Scenarios

Risk management stress scenarios in today’s times typically have no historical precedent. How can you ensure compliance with SEC Rule 18f-4?

SS&C Algorithmics 18f-4 Risk Analytics Service Provides

A turnkey, scalable, cloud-based platform.

Enables firms to comply with the new rules for derivative risk management program requirements.

Monitors daily Value at Risk (VaR) across prescribed thresholds, enabling a robust stress testing framework that captures “extreme but plausible” scenarios.

Ensures model accuracy through back testing methods.

Integrates with other SS&C platforms to allow for a seamless data model.