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SS&C Algorithmics & Regnology Strategic Partnership

Maximize risk management and regulatory processes, streamline operations, and boost efficiency through a comprehensive cloud-based solution provided by Regnology & SS&C Algorithmics.

A strategic partnership to streamline risk and regulatory management

Our shared capabilities span powerful calculations to streamlined workflows empowering financial institutions with best-in-class solutions to navigate the complexities of risk and compliance.


Press Release

SS&C Announces Financial Risk and Regulatory Reporting Partnership with Regnology

Partnership delivers a fully integrated risk and regulatory reporting solution for streamlined compliance and analytical insights, enabling institutions to adapt swiftly to regulatory changes


Empower Your Organization with a Fully Streamlined End-to-End IRRBB and Liquidity Risk Management Solution

With the strengths of Algorithmics and Regnology, banks get a simplified data ingestion process for a seamless end-to-end risk and regulatory solution.

IRRBB and Liquidity Risk Modelling and Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory compliance demands pertaining to banking book risks are increasing, including the introduction of EBA rules for the measurement of IRRBB and the forthcoming EBA reporting. Banks of all sizes now need to provide regulatory submissions with detailed and validated numbers on a timely basis. By combining the strengths of SS&C Algorithmics and Regnology, we’re providing banks with a simplified data ingestion process for a seamless end-to-end risk and regulatory solution. Our shared capabilities span from powerful calculations to streamlined workflows for regulatory report creation and submission. The joint solution addresses:

  • End-to-end modelling and regulatory reporting for IRRBB and Liquidity Risk
  • Full scenario and risk coverage
  • Extendible behavioral modelling and NMD models
  • Sophisticated planning analytics when applying IMS methods
  • Full-fledged reporting engines
  • Daily regulatory dashboard
  • Fast-tracked report submission
  • Standardized reporting formats
  • Enhanced audit trail
  • Fast time to market