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SS&C Aloha Recon

Aloha Recon is our next-generation investment management reconciliation solution built using advanced technologies and leveraging our many decades of reconciliation expertise.

Automated Reconciliation With Intelligent Alerts to Streamline Operations

Aloha Recon is easy to use and drives simplified processes and operational efficiency by providing real-time reconciliation, smart matching, an in-built data integration wizard, exception-based workflows and intuitive dashboards.


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SS&C Aloha Recon - Reconciliation Reimagined and Automated

Powered by today’s most advanced smart technology and delivered in the cloud, SS&C Aloha Recon reflects a deep understanding of investment reconciliation practices through a design that elevates them: real-time reconciliation, a built-in data integration tool, a smart match engine, intelligent exceptions-based workflows and intuitive dashboards. Since Aloha Recon is a SaaS solution, clients gain scalability advantages, require minimal technology infrastructure, and can access the system anywhere, from any device.

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Reap the Benefits of Our Reconciliation Solution

Exact matching as soon as the file arrives from any external source and real-time notifications to give the most accurate, up to date information.

True "any-to-any" reconciliation built with the flexibility to define custom data collections, data feeds and match definitions outside of the standard options.

Built-in alerts and dashboard provide real-time oversight of your investment operations with notifications of process failures and account health based on break materiality, severity or status.

Intelligent workflow automation delivers auto break resolutions, reduces manual effort drastically and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Advanced technologies including AI and Machine Learning support real-life investment operations, automate monitoring and reduce manual effort.

Exception-based approach to find and identify breaks within categories helping you streamline resolution across accounts.

Wizard-based ETL capability integrates data more easily and allows you to add new data sources quickly without any technical effort.

Global team of reconciliation professionals can help manage the increasing complexity of reconciliation resulting from changing regulations, entrance into new markets and increasing data volumes.