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Cloud-based data exchange service that simplifies the transforming, translating and transmitting of employee benefit enrollment and eligibility data to insurance carriers and administrators.

Secure, Accurate, Cost-Effective Data Exchange for Employee Benefits

Simplify transmission of employee enrollment and eligibility data to insurance carriers and administrators securely, quickly and with superior quality assurance—all without other custom applications or integrations.

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BenefiX simplifies the transformation, translating and transmission of employee benefits data to insurance carriers and administrators.

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Our Cost-Effective, Flexible Employee Benefits Data Exchange Solution Delivers

Rapid deployment ensuring your data exchange is ready in a matter of weeks.

Secure data management protecting sensitive employee information during transit, in rest and through processing.

Resolution of transmission issues via quality checks reducing risk of errors and delays by suspending processing upon error detection.

Interactive, real-time dashboards displaying complete oversight into the current status of your files.

Comprehensive summary reports showing a breakdown of information processed.