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A cloud-hosted registry platform eliminating the need for multiple legacy systems and their rising maintenance costs.

Unleash Efficiency with Advanced Automation

With real-time automation and straight-through processing capabilities, Bluedoor enables organizations to dramatically improve service efficiency and control operating costs.
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Bluedoor Cloud-Hosted Platform

For wealth managers, retirement and Superannuation providers and fund platforms, SS&C’s Bluedoor is a cloud-hosted registry platform that eliminates the need for multiple legacy systems and their rising maintenance costs.

Wealth Managers and Fund Platforms: A Holistic Client View

By transforming operations into one cloud-hosted registry system, wealth managers and fund platforms gain a single customer-centric view across multiple investment, savings and retirement products, enabling more meaningful client interaction and engagement.

Superannuation Funds: Enabling Digital Operations

Bluedoor underpins SS&C’s digital operating model for superannuation, combining highly automated industry-standard processes with built-in analytics, correspondence functionality, operational and compliance reporting, member online portals and a mobile app. With support for defined contribution, defined benefit and pension products, Bluedoor enables you to consolidate all registry activity on a single platform, allowing you to focus on improved outcomes for your members.

Software as a Service

Bluedoor can be deployed in-house or as a cloud-based service, actively monitored and managed by SS&C. With regular system updates, you no longer run the risk of falling behind. Outsourcing also eliminates “key person” risk and allows you to leverage our operational experts, reducing your need for highly skilled IT talent.