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SS&C EVOLV Accounting

A single platform designed to automate all GAAP accounting functions—data management, calculations, journal entry preparation and reporting—for cash-flow-based financial instruments.

Accounting Made Easier for Banks, Credit Unions and Other Financial Institutions

Eliminate manual processes by synthesizing and tightly integrating disparate data elements and functionality into one platform, while ensuring compliance with complex GAAP accounting principles.

financial charts on monitor illustration


The Modern Finance Department

The modern subledger can be more than accounting for past performance. It can lead to forward progress with true measurement against strategic initiatives.


Shadow Servicing

Comprehensive SBO loan solution that provides daily servicing and month-end accounting for clients, configurable, simple to use and designed to scale.

Simplify All Accounting Needs Onto a Single Platform

Automate data management, calculations, accounting processes, workflows and reporting functions.

Integrated Data Management cleanses, normalizes, prepares data with custom business rules to enrich, clean and transform data prior to processing and reporting.

Asset Level Subledger Accounting Engine produces transaction-specific journal entries, and addresses both regulatory requirements and the full suite of GAAP requirements, such as ASC 310-20 (FAS 91), ASC 948-10 (FAS 65), ASC 825-10 (FAS 159), ASC 805 (FAS 141 R), and ASC 310-40 (TDR).

Out-Of-The-Box Reporting includes 100+ customizable reports and all applicable financial statement disclosures customized for institutions, plus 3,000+ attributes and business calculations allow for best-in-class, domain-specific business intelligence and actionable insights.

Strategic Initiatives details asset-level tracking, actionable insights and domain-aware business rules allowing clients to meet strategic initiatives and address ESG reporting.