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SS&C FundHub is a cutting-edge solution combining AI and RPA capabilities to streamline data collection and processing from underlying sources with performance, analytics and reporting in one integrated platform.

Manage your alternatives portfolio with cutting-edge technology

SS&C FundHub automates the collection of unstructured data from external managers with advanced AI to deliver performance measurement, analysis, and portfolio monitoring capabilities.

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Introducing SS&C FundHub – A Platform for Institutional Alternative Fund Investors

Save time and money, eliminate errors, conduct meaningful analysis and report on aggregated data with FundHub.


SS&C FundHub Alternative Investments Portfolios

Take advantage of the latest developments in AI to automate and streamline the collection and processing of unstructured alternative investment data.


SS&C FundHub

SS&C’s FundHub is a sophisticated middle to back office solution designed to provide workflow efficiency tools to help maximize your investing potential.

Streamline alternative investments portfolios from end to end - from data capture and aggregation to analysis and reporting

Take advantage of the latest developments in financial technology applied to your portfolio.

Employ cutting-edge RPA and AI technologies to systematically retrieve unstructured data from a multitude of sources, such as emails, manager portals and other locations.

Advanced large language model correctly captures and interprets over 99% of all incoming data.

Manage documents & deliverables, contacts, emails and other data on a single integrated platform.

Create and manage portfolios of funds with support for detailed performance and risk analysis.

Seamlessly integrate with external data sources such as peer universes, index data providers, SEC databases, accounting systems, or pricing feeds.

Analyze Performance and Risk Metrics such as IRRs, TWRs, multiples, PMEs and a wide range of other measures on investments across any time-period and hierarchies.

Conduct research manage investment workflows and create model portfolios.

Generate presentation-grade reports via an advanced reporting and charting capability.