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SS&C Global Debt Manager

For banks that service debt issuers, Global Debt Manager brings advanced automation to global registrar, transfer and paying agency operations. What’s more, it integrates smoothly with core banking applications, as well major depositories, such as the DTCC, Euroclear and Clearstream.

State-of-the-Art Servicing Across all Debt Types

From commercial paper, notes or bonds to more complex structured finance and cross-border transactions, Global Debt Manager is the only platform that can support both your domestic and global debt servicing operations.

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Global Debt Manager

SS&C's Global Debt Manager will increase automation and reduce risks in issuance, transfer and paying agency services.


Accelerate Growth and Increase P&L of the FX Business with Singularity

Learn how banks can grow revenues on foreign wire transfer that they are otherwise forfeiting to the recipient banks.


Banking Solutions from SS&C

See how SS&C technology is shaping the future of banking operations.

Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity

Single web-based platform - Consolidate work of multiple legacy platforms in one solution. Eliminate manual data transfer.

Improve risk controls - Gain real-time visibility into issuance, payments, transfers, tax, corporate actions, inquiries, rates and SWIFT messaging.

Strengthen compliance - Supports global tax and regulatory reporting requirements.

Grow your business - Scale your operations, expand product coverage, improve service and speed time to market.

Deployment options - Available On-Premise or SaaS in our private cloud