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SS&C Algorithmics HiPER Risk Engine™

The revolutionary high performance risk simulation engine proven to run risk calculations hundreds of times faster than your current processes.

Transform your risk business with accelerated performance and efficiency

Adapt quickly to new requirements, redeploy resources to value-added activities, drive operational efficiencies, respond in near real-time to market and business pressures with the SS&C Algorithmics HiPER Risk Engine™



SS&C HiPER Risk Engine, Game Changing Innovation

Learn how HiPER transforms risk management, calculates XVA sensitivities in near real time, slashes hardware costs.


Transform Your Financial Risk Management with Today's Most Powerful Simulation Engine

High performance next generation risk management simulation engine for XVA Sensitivities, Counterparty Credit Risk and Insurance.


Financial Risk Management: Eliminate the Trade-Off of Speed & Accuracy

SS&C Algorithmics has launched a revolutionary high-performance risk simulation engine that has been proven to run risk calculations hundreds of times faster than current processes.

Proven Results for Accelerated Performance, Accuracy and Efficiency

The SS&C Algorithmics HiPER Risk Engine has demonstrated proven performance acceleration for clients including:


batch time reduction


times performance gain


hardware reduction

Game Changing Innovation and Unparalleled Proven Performance

The SS&C Algorithmics HiPER Risk Engine delivers business benefits that you could only imagine before:

Massively reduce batch times and run near real-time risk calculations

Increase your accuracy by running many more scenarios and time steps

Rapidly recalculate risk numbers based on market volatility and market events

Solve the complex challenge of computing hundreds of timely XVA sensitivities

Flexibly add new simulations (stress tests, ad hoc analysis, P&L explanations, etc.)

Run frequent intraday what-if batches as needed

Easily handle growing instrument volumes

and more…