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Johns Hopkins ACG® System

The Johns Hopkins ACG® System, exclusively distributed by SS&C Health, is the world’s leading population health analytics software, providing powerful insights for proactive healthcare management.

Proactive Care Management with Predictive Modeling and Patient Risk Drivers

Apply a population-level perspective with patient-level behaviors and conditions to stratify risk, identify patients for care management intervention, forecast healthcare utilization and evaluate and compensate providers.

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Understanding Social Needs and Their Importance for Population Health

Use Social Need Markers with the ACG® System: Identify and address relationships between social needs and poor health outcomes at a population level.


Disparities In Health Care and How Population Health Analytics Can Help

Use the Johns Hopkins ACG® System to identify and address disparities, and create population health plans ensuring members receive appropriate care.


The Social Determinants of Health Handbook

Actionable ideas and tactics for SDoH: how to get the data, use the data, and apply insights towards health equity.

The Johns Hopkins ACG System captures unique dimensions of healthcare use that go beyond risk scoring to give essential context to patient data, so you can genuinely know your members and forecast their needs over time. It combines medical and pharmacy claims, electronic medical records and demographics like age, gender and geographic markers to predict the health needs of your population, subgroups and individual members.

SS&C Health is the exclusive distributor of the Johns Hopkins ACG System for health plans in the US. We can help clients leverage the system in two ways:

  • Purchase a license to apply your in-house expertise for insights into improved outcomes with care coordination, appropriate resource allocation, streamlined care management, assessment of physician performance and insights using pharmacy data.
  • Power your population health strategy with our proprietary analytics platform, SS&C® CareAnalyzer for a comprehensive insight into your member population. Integrated with the Johns Hopkins ACG System for enhanced stratification capabilities, standard reporting is included.