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SS&C MarginMan™

SS&C MarginMan™ is a customizable industry-leading solution for collateralized FX trading. Trusted by top banks and wealth management institutes for over 25 years, MarginMan enhances profitability and competitiveness, opening new business opportunities.

Increase trading volumes, minimize exposure and open new revenue sources

MarginMan is the industry standard in collateralized FX trading that is tailored for robust risk control. It includes features like:

  • Real-time collateral monitoring with pre-trade margin and limit checks
  • Comprehensive margin methodologies with real-time alerts management
  • Scalable architecture with flexible integration design
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Banking Solutions from SS&C

See how SS&C technology is shaping the future of banking operations.

Seamless FX Margin Trading with MarginMan – Balancing Profit, Risk, and Innovation

MarginMan excels in offering state-of-the-art FX Structures and strategies, supporting a diverse range of FX products including FX Cash, Precious Metals, FX Options, and Exotic OTC FX Options.

Consolidate Trading Platforms

Leverage a single solution to manage real-time collateral, limits monitoring, and pre-trade checks, integrating multiple aspects of FX trading.

Improve Efficiency

Seamlessly integrate with legacy banking core applications, enabling efficient management of trade operations, collateral, and real-time mark-to-market valuation of positions.

Improve Risk Controls

Gain real-time insights with MarginMan's scalable architecture, enabling robust performance for immediate visibility into trading activities.

Strengthen Compliance

Tailor MarginMan to reflect firms' risk appetite, supporting client-specific trading rules and collateral-based modules.

Grow Your Business

Increase trading volumes, expand client base and product range, and enhance competitiveness, all within a controlled environment using MarginMan's industry-leading features.

Enhance Innovation Capabilities

Construct free Style Structures such as Butterfly, Strangle, and Straddle, along with Flexible Accumulators that include script-based design for various strategies like Pivot and TARN.