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SS&C Everywhere

A cloud-based, AI-powered data management platform that accelerates business value, improves margins and mitigates business risk through data-driven services and market insights that are ideal for insurers, investors, asset managers and financial companies


On-demand data management for complex, highly regulated environments.

Access valuable insights quickly for confident decision-making. Say goodbye to data complexity and effortlessly manage data from internal and external sources with our secure and compliant platform, supported by SS&C's data expertise and advanced analytics

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SS&C Everywhere - On-Demand Data Management

Giving customers autonomy over data with the fusion of data, automation, and AI to accelerate business value, improve margins and mitigate business risk.

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One-Stop Access for All Your Data and Analytics Needs

Our core processing and data platforms provide a comprehensive understanding of client and end-customer data with over 35 years of experience in serving the financial services industry.

We offer aggregated insights from core markets and third-party data sources, all while maintaining unmatched expertise in regulatory and data management.

Deep understanding of regulatory and data management issues in global financial services. Our compliance with SOC2 regulations and private Cloud strengthens organizations’ security posture.

Our single vendor and single stack service model ensures better management compared to multi-vendor third-party data lakes.

Business users can self-serve their data needs without requiring a developer accessible on a business analyst's laptop.