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SS&C SmartSource

Comprehensive middle and back-office outsourcing solution for insurers and investment managers that joins industry expertise with AI-driven accounting and operations technology.

Achieve Operational Excellence, Cost Savings and Scalability

Focus resources on investment diversification and revenue growth while trusting the technology and operational deliverables to us.

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SS&C SmartSource

Intelligent outsourcing solutions for middle and back-office services powered by today’s most advanced investment operations and accounting technology.


SS&C SmartSource for Insurers — Grow Your Business while Reducing Risk and Operating Costs with Automation and AI Technologies

SS&C SmartSource delivers an integrated suite of investment analytics, operations and accounting services through its Singularity cloud-based platform.


SS&C SmartSource Insurance Advisory & Seminar Services

Having a partner with specialized knowledge in investment accounting, reporting and compliance enables insurers to free up staff for higher-value tasks.

Dedicated Resources and Expertise Backed by a Next-Generation AI-Driven Analytics, Accounting and Operations Platform

24/7 web and mobile accessibility for real-time transparency, control and oversight.

Flexible middle and back-office service options with seamless handoffs and collaboration between your teams and SS&C professional staff.

Full range of insurance investment accounting deliverables such as accounting and processing, reporting, and controls.

Consulting, advisory, seminar, QCR, statement prep and review services to ensure rock-solid statutory accounting, reporting and compliance.

Advanced analytics for holistic risk management, performance measurement, financial reporting and audit responsiveness.