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SS&C Tax BrightLine

The comprehensive, technology-powered solution for tax compliance, reporting and analytics that enables fund managers to manage their tax exposure year-round in real-time.


Greater clarity. Higher returns.

The clearer your tax position is, the more strategic your investing can be. Tax BrightLine delivers the real-time data and analytics you need to enhance performance while also staying compliant – all in one intuitive platform.

Talk to us about how Tax BrightLine can keep you one step ahead in a constantly changing tax landscape.

Optimize your investment strategy

SS&C’s complete source of tax data enables analysis of every decision to create differentiating tax-aware strategies.

Simplify your analytics and reporting

Powered by intelligent automation, Tax BrightLine delivers investor-level analytics and hits all your reporting obligations accurately and efficiently.

Powered by SS&C expertise

With Tax BrightLine, SS&C’s industry-leading tax experts and game-changing technology can be a seamless extension of your back office.


Driving Alpha With a Tax Solution

SS&C TaxBrightline is a technology-powered tax solution to help meet the operational demands of today’s regulations, client needs and help drive alpha.


Less taxing returns: 5 steps to smart tax-efficient investing

Is your approach to tax strategy leaving money on the table? A new whitepaper highlights how technology is key to leveraging data to unlock year-round gains.


How SS&C Tax BrightLine Complements Your Tax Advisor

The combination of Tax BrightLine and your professional tax advisor delivers the ultimate tax strategy for your funds and for your business.

Tax Compliance, Reporting and Analytics – All in One Platform

Choice of Deployment Options

Tax BrightLine is available as licensed software for your organization, or on an outsourced basis with a comprehensive range of tax services performed by our tax team.

Advanced Technology

Tax BrightLine leverages a fully integrated end-to-end platform, powered by intelligent automation technologies for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

Real-time Data and Analytics

Fund managers have year-round access to real-time tax data and analytics capabilities to inform their investment strategies, with the ability to analyze and understand the tax impact of their decisions.

Deep Tax Expertise

Tax BrightLine is backed by a large and highly experienced team with diversified expertise in tax laws, tax operations, and tax technology applications. Our Tax BrightLine team augments your internal resources, serving as an extension of your back office and tax department.