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TNR Solution

Fuses fund, investment and investor general ledger functionality into a single comprehensive platform with portfolio management, partnership accounting and CRM functionality

A Solution for Any Private Investment

TNR creates a single “book of record” for managing day-to-day operations across closed-ended, open-ended and hybrid structures creating a streamlined and consolidated data flow.


SS&C's TNR Solution

An integrated, comprehensive, front-to-back platform for firm-wide private equity and real asset fund operations, data management and investor reporting. Its modular design allows you to implement specific components or the whole platform based on your needs.

Support for complex, multi-level fund structures Manage master-feeder funds, blockers, holding companies, SPVs and AIVs.

Fund raising and investor relations modules Track investor capital balances and correspondence preferences.

Comprehensive reporting through a library of standard reports, dynamic dashboards and report writers.

Web-enabled investor portal Provide limited partners access to their account information and allow them to download documents such as capital call and distribution notices, K1s and partner capital statements.