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Customizable Reporting

Empower transparency, accountability and client communication with our customized reporting solution. Gain real-time visibility into operational and financial data tailored to your needs for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Boost Efficiency & Profits with Real-Time Visibility

Elevate your insights with SS&C's comprehensive reporting capabilities, delivering real-time analytics on occupancy, financials and maintenance. Tailor reports to your business needs, incorporating any data point for informed decision-making.

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Increasing Employee Retention in Property Management

Explore employee retention strategy of learning and development training; the role of technology in advancing employee proficiency and job satisfaction.


4 Capabilities Every Property Management Software Should Have to Increase Efficiency

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SKYLINE - Property Management Software to Grow Your Business

Watch our brief overview as to why SKYLINE is considered a leading property management solution for residential and commercial real estate.

Make Data-Driven Decisions That Optimize Your Portfolio

Optimize Leasing Operations - Track lead sources, applicant details, screening stages, late fees and NSF notices and eliminate manual data entry.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Drill down to view granular performance metrics via the KPI dashboard and traffic reports including a wide range of KPIs such as occupancy rates, rental income, arrears, maintenance costs and tenant turnover to provide a holistic view of property performance.

Customizable Dashboard - Extensive out-of-the-box reporting including lease expiration, activity reconciliation, Gross Potential Rent, delinquency and vacancy, collections and concessions, prospect/traffic/applications, rent roll and make-ready reports Advanced General Ledger and Accounts Payable.

Real-Time Data Access - Access to real-time data and reporting metrics to enable on-time collections, timely decision-making and responsiveness to changing market conditions.

Automated Reporting – Streamline receipt process and transaction, invoice processing from sign-off to check printing, track vendor information and process month-end financial reports.

Lease and Occupancy Reports - Manage multiple properties, bank accounts and complex ownership structures with reports on lease expirations, renewals, vacancies, and occupancy rates, optimizing leasing strategies and maximising revenue potential.

Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis - Compare multiple-year budgets side by side, property performance against industry benchmarks and competitors, enabling companies to identify strengths and weaknesses.