Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth It

As fewer advisors take fewer calls and meetings from wholesalers, digital marketing can play an increasingly important role in unlocking new business opportunities. In fact, our latest research calculated the sales lift from a combination of advisor digital engagement and sales contact and found the average gross sales increase was 33%. But we see the gap between what advisors expect from their digital experiences and what asset managers provide continue to grow.

This Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth It report analyzed the responses of financial advisors surveyed, in coordination with Horsesmouth, to examine their digital behaviors and preferences for current and emerging technologies. The report assesses how asset management firms measure up in delivering on their expectations and ranks the top five.


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  • Learn how strong digital engagement can help you to grow sales.
  • Find out which three online experiences advisors say most impact their investment decisions.
  • Get recommendations on four digital strategies to help you deepen relationships with advisors.
  • Understand the four digital trends we have found that asset managers should consider in their future digital programs.

See who the top five digital engagement leaders are in asset management and view nearly 20 examples of best digital practices

Primary Audience: Heads of Marketing, Digital Marketing Managers


This year’s report on digital engagement leadership is based on findings from three separate sources:

  • What Advisors Do Online, a 17-question survey of 406 US financial advisors, conducted by DST Advisor Insights in October 2017, in association with Horsesmouth.
  • Digital Engagement Leadership, our proprietary review of 32 small-, mid-, and large-cap asset managers that range from $945M to $3.0T in AUM across five channels – advisor website, LinkedIn, Twitter, blog, and email – on desktop and mobile.
  • Digital Engagement Lift Analysis, our formula to calculate sales lift achieved by digital engagement.
Report Details
  • 45 pages
  • Released: 1/16/2018
  • Author: Tracy Needham


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