Prioritizing Strategic Relationships with Account-Based Marketing

Home offices continue to wield more influence than ever over advisor sales, with more than half of the professional buyers we surveyed planning on cutting the number of mutual funds they offer on their platforms in the next year. National (also know as key or strategic) accounts teams of many asset managers are necessarily also becoming more important. Our research finds, however, that National Accounts, National Sales, and Marketing are moving in different directions at the majority of most firms – impacting their ability to influence business development with home offices.

Account-based Marketing


Our latest research, Prioritizing Strategic Relationships with Account-Based Marketing, challenges firms to put aside traditional models for national account management and align Marketing, Sales, and National Accounts strategies with account-based marketing as the framework.

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  • Why strategic account management must be modernized.
  • How to implement account-based marketing to:
    • Prioritize Strategic accounts for customized support.
    • Identify similar Segmented accounts for tailored, repurposed campaigns.
    • Target likely prospects with scaled, Programmatic digital marketing.
  • Account-based marketing best practices.


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