Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies

As flows continue out of active and into passive vehicles and advisors have less discretion over investment decisions and loyalty, asset managers need better ways to assess advisors who represent their best strategic opportunities. Most firms are making assumptions about which advisors to target. Those leading the industry in business intelligence (BI) can attract, and ultimately convert, prospects into long-term relationships with good confidence. And those firms continue to innovate their BI program to maximize marketing and sales efforts and optimize profitability.

Three Critical Elements of BI


Our latest report series, Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies, examines the necessary attributes of a successful BI program, what BI leaders are doing to pull ahead of the competition, and how lagging firms can catch up to remain competitive. It also provides practical applications for applying BI to design and enhance sales territories and goals.

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  • Look at effective BI leadership and strategy, organizational structure, and efficacy through outsourcing.
  • See our recommendations for firms lagging behind to improve their competitive position, reduce the cost of their BI program, and increase efficiency.
  • Learn three steps for using business intelligence to optimize sales.

Primary Audience: Business Analytics Managers, Sales Managers, Heads of Distribution, Marketing


This report series is based on previous research surveys as well as interviews with BI and distribution executives at the industry’s leading asset management firms.

Report Details
  • 28 pages
  • Released: 2/2/2018
  • Author: Jason Dauwen


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