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ConnectiveRx Special Bulletin

ConnectiveRx copay claims processing restored with switch to SS&C Health

You do not have to wait for your connection to be restored to Change Healthcare.


What You Need to Know:
In response to the Change Healthcare service disruption, copay claims processing for several ConnectiveRx copay programs has been transitioned to SS&C Health.

This impacts copay assistance programs with dates of service of 2/21/24 and forward.

If your pharmacy has been unable to process claims through Change Healthcare with a fill date of 2/21/24 or later, you can now process these claims through SS&C Health.

Please follow these steps:


Each pharmacy will need to have the BIN/PCN previously used to submit to Change Healthcare realigned to the following BIN / PCN combination:

RxBIN – 019158


Group numbers and member ID’s do not have to change in the pharmacies system.
The same group number and member ID will be utilized when submitting the claim through SS&C Health. Consult previous bulletins for the appropriate groups to use when submitting claims.


Download the list of affected programs and dates below. For assistance processing claims, please contact the Help Desk at 1-844-373-0987.