Employee Benefits Administration

Provide plan sponsors with hassle-free administration.

Employee Benefit Service Providers can now offer plan sponsors and their employees access to a functionally rich, easy-to-use employee benefits administration platform that optimizes enrollment and administration. SS&C solutions make it easy to differentiate your firm, strengthen client relationships and increase retention.

Private label employee benefits enrollment and administration: Our online employee benefits enrollment and administration platform can handle core, group, voluntary and worksite benefits in a single, self-service enrollment experience.

Online evidence of insurability: Capture evidence of insurability (EOI) using our online EOI module. Integrate directly with your medical underwriting system or use our automatic adjudication rules engine for real-time decisions. 

Group and individual premium billing: Offer consolidated, multi-line or even multi-carrier premium bills grouped and totaled the way the plan sponsor desires.

Centralized member management: Build and maintain a single repository of enrollments for your entire book of business. Leverage member data for advanced analytics, marketing campaigns and preparation for re-enrollment events.

Carrier data exchange: Tap into our carrier data exchange hub, which sends millions of employee enrollment records to over 300 carriers and benefits vendors each month.