Reconciliation & Data Collection

A choice of ways to save time and reduce risks.

Are you still performing reconciliation manually, putting a strain on staff resources and running the risk of costly errors? SS&C can help you automate your process and implement exception-based workflows to save hours of work, achieve greater accuracy, and free up staff for more productive activity. We offer a choice of reconciliation options that can be tailored to your work preferences.

Reconciliation Technology

Installed: For firms that prefer to reconcile in-house and manage their own system and data. Our open architecture allows for easy integration with portfolio management and accounting systems, custodians, brokers and data providers.

Hosted: Under this option, you perform reconciliation in-house while we host the software. This helps reduce your in-house IT footprint, overhead and maintenance requirements, while giving you the full functionality of our state-of-the-art technology

Reconciliation as a Service

Co-sourced: We host the technology and perform reconciliation as a service. You have the ability to access the system intraday and make adjustments to your data as needed.

Fully Outsourced: We can manage both the technology and the reconciliation process for you on a fully outsourced basis. Our experts reconcile your accounts and provide you with a daily reconciliation report, accessible via a dashboard.