Property Management

See the whole picture of your holdings and operations.

SS&C provides technology solutions for commercial and multifamily property management firms, as well as timeshare and resort operators. Our solutions not only automate and streamline your daily accounting and administrative functions, but also give you clear and deep insights into your operations, so you can make informed decisions to optimize the value of your assets.

Property Management and Accounting:  Our SKYLINE solution is a dynamic lease management and powerful accounting system for commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties. In addition to tracking and maintaining critical property, unit and tenant data, SKYLINE processes information for rental charges, payments, vacancies, receivables and deposits held. Learn More

Timeshare and Resort Management: TimeShareWare is a comprehensive, web-based solution for the management needs of all sizes and types of shared-ownership resorts, including vacation clubs, fractional properties, condo-hotels, vacation rentals and timeshare resorts. From single-site timeshare operations to complex multi-site points-based clubs, TimeShareWare enables you to successfully manage every aspect of your business. Learn More