REIT Accounting & Administration

Increase transparency and improve accuracy in REIT accounting.

Investors in REITs and other residential loan instruments want to know they are getting the full return on their investments. SS&C provides comprehensive residential loan shadowing services that deliver independent, accurate calculations guaranteed by one of the industry’s most experienced REIT and loan servicing accounting teams.

Agency and non-agency MBS accounting and reporting: Streamline and automate the processing of complex structured securities with our comprehensive, multi-asset class portfolio management and accounting solutions.

Mortgage loans: Our mortgage loan platform is specifically designed to support institutional investment portfolios that invest in an array of residential and commercial mortgages. 

MREIT accounting and reporting services: Benefit from a comprehensive, full-service offering tailored to the specialized accounting and reporting needs of mREITs. We have extensive experience supporting the financial reporting needs of publicly traded firms that invest in agency and non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), CMBS, mortgage loans, Mortgage Servicing Rights(MSR), repos, and derivatives.