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Portfolio Management

Portfolios are becoming more complex with additional assets and the need for greater diversification, growing regulation requirements and client needs. SS&C offers a choice of portfolio management solutions based on different business needs, budget levels and on-premise or cloud delivery models.

Extensive Asset Class and Function Support Across Front, Middle and Back Office

Let SS&C’s experts help you choose a portfolio management system that can become the heart of your firm’s operations and is the right fit for you. With multiple options and systems, SS&C is the leader in solutions to help firms manage their portfolios.

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Portfolio Management & Trading Solutions

SS&C ALPS Advisors offers you our deep knowledge and expertise within Portfolio Management and Trading across many product types.


Streamline Unified Managed Account (UMA) Strategies

SS&C has demystified the operations and management of UMAs so you can deliver these very flexible structures throughout your product suite.


Simplifying Complex Investment Operations

SS&C Singularity, built with AI, RPA and machine learning helps ease the complexity of managing portfolios, accounting and regulatory requirements.

SS&C Helps Firms Manage Their Portfolios

Scalability to accommodate virtually infinite growth.

Ease of Integration to maximize efficiency and minimize operational risk.

Enhanced Compliance Readiness with strong security measures and high data integrity.

Ease of Use to make your people more productive and their work more satisfying.

Rapid Access to Information to help you make timely decisions and respond more effectively to clients.

Portfolio Management Solutions




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