Advisor Practice Analysis

As advisors take more sophisticated approaches to managing client portfolios and exploring diverse investment products in a crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever for asset management organizations to segment and understand advisor behaviors and preferences.

Advisor Practice Analysis performs a bottom-up analysis of the assets and transactions of each portfolio belonging to 150,000+ active US financial advisors. It scores each portfolio, providing you with data and insights into the buying behaviors and portfolio construction philosophy of advisors you do business with – and those you don’t yet.

Expand your view of the advisor market beyond your in-house advisor data to the universe of all active U.S. financial advisors.

Get a detailed profile of each of your current and prospective advisors, including portfolio holdings by broad asset class allocation and other key attributes.

Augment your firm’s existing advisor segmentation program with transaction data that can help you determine an advisor’s likeliness to buy certain product types or favor certain vehicles.

Build marketing and sales strategies that identify new sales targets, focus on the right product offerings for current and new advisors, personalize engagement and nurture each relationship.

Advisor Insights research is included in this service, providing you with ongoing, comprehensive surveys of the behaviors, preferences, and opinions of financial intermediaries that are analyzed to deliver tactical distribution recommendations unique to your firm’s distribution strategy.

Access advisor data and insights integrated with our other services via our Distribution Intelligence platform accessible anywhere, anytime on your desktop or mobile device. Or opt to export your Advisor Practice Analysis data to your CRM and sales reporting systems.

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