DBC® Debt Structuring Solutions

Streamline the structuring and management of municipal finance and other debt issues.

With our DBC family of solutions, SS&C delivers proven technology for structuring and reporting on municipal finance, general obligation and revenue bond issues, including asset-backed housing and student loan securitizations. Underwriters, investment banks, municipal issuers and financial advisors use DBC solutions for structuring new issues, securitizations, strategic planning and asset/liability management. All DBC solutions are backed by specialized, dedicated support teams

DBC Finance is the industry standard for sizing and structuring municipal bond issues. It is also used to calculate debt service and performs refunding analyses.

DBC Finance PDO (Prior Debt Optimizer) is a new module which can simultaneously determine the optimal combination of bonds to be refunded, the portfolio of escrow securities, and the refunding bond structure.

DBC Debt Manager is the industry standard debt management database application. Working in conjunction with DBC Finance, it tracks all critical information on outstanding municipal debt from issuance through maturity.

DBC PortOpt is a powerful optimization tool for structuring municipal bond defeasance escrows. It’s used to structure new portfolios and re-optimize existing portfolios for defeasance escrows, construction funds or reserve funds.

DBC Housing provides modeling and structuring tools for mortgage-backed loans in the tax-exempt housing market for both taxable and tax-exempt issues. With support for a full range of loan types, it also generates cash flow forecasts for strategic planning, investment decisions, project monitoring and default sensitivity analysis.

DBC Multi-Family/Health Care is designed for the structuring and cash flow analysis of tax-exempt or taxable mortgage revenue bonds. It accommodates all debt modeling and structuring requirements, defines the flow and supports a full range of loan types. 

DBC Student Loan is a modeling and structuring program for the structuring and cash-flow analysis of student loan revenue bonds. It handles a variety of modeling and structuring requirements with ease.