Evare: Automated Data Connectivity and Investment Data Aggregation

Automated data aggregation service retrieves, reformats and delivers high-quality data precisely as you need it for efficient post-trade operations.

SS&C Evare is a unique investment data aggregation service that gathers all of your external investment account data and delivers it to you in a single format, defined by you the client, for seamless integration with any reconciliation, accounting or other internal platforms. Our high-quality robust data starts with automated data connectivity to a vast network of direct data feeds from financial institutions worldwide. SS&C does the hard work gathering data for you, so you can focus on your core business, save time and money, and reduce operational risks.

  • Comprehensive coverage – We maintain more than 5,000 unique data feeds from a global network of financial institutions and third-party sources – banks, brokers, custodians, SWIFT network and more.
  • Superior customer service – We provide an experienced and responsive customer support team and an online dashboard that displays real-time status updates. Both are dedicated contact points to all of your counterparties. We manage all of your data needs, including connectivity, file acquisition and delivery, data questions, automated feed initiations and feed maintenance.
  • Reduced operational risks and costs – Our highly secure and comprehensive service eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual processes while making workflows smoother.

Enable straight-through processing across your organization

Streamline reconciliation, accounting, performance measurement and reporting with position and transaction data delivered directly in a consistent format.

Communicate trade and corporate action updates by systematically sending and receiving trade details, corporate action notifications, elections and confirmations where needed.

Gather employee investment data for accounts held away at broker-dealers and financial institutions to meet employee compliance monitoring regulations.