Global Markets Risk

Use the latest modeling techniques to fully understand risk.

SS&C's Global Markets Risk delivers enterprise risk management in an ever-changing, uncertain world. Employing state-of-the-art modeling techniques, Global Markets Risk presents the full spectrum of measures, statistics and calculations necessary to paint the overall picture of your firm's risk under a variety of scenarios. Use it to model any security, any index or any portfolio in any country. With its easy-to-understand reporting and custom alert system, Global Markets Risk bridges the gap between back-office numbers crunching and front-office decision making.

Standalone pricing system:  Cut down on counterparty risk with built-in Residual Spread Analysis, enabling you to independently verify the prices obtained from brokers, dealers and banks. 

Comprehensive risk measures: Get a comprehensive view of your risk. VaR, Key Rate Duration, Delta and Gamma are just a few of the wide range of calculations at your disposal. 

Price behavior analysis: This advanced approach to risk management keeps you steps ahead of the game. Our Price Behavior Curves (PBCs) projects fair values relative to changes in economic variables such as interest rates, inflation rates, equity indices, default rates and more.