Precision LM

Manage loan origination and servicing in a single system.

In today's competitive environment, commercial lenders are looking for ways to increase efficiency in the loan process, improve profitability and control risk. Precision LM is a single database application that provides comprehensive commercial loan management from initial request to final disposition. Precision LM improves your results by managing all aspects of your loan process – pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing and accounting – with a single database application.

Streamline originations: The origination component shortens decision and closing timelines, while ensuring consistency in underwriting approaches. 

Simplify servicing: The servicer component supports a fully integrated contact management system, reduces risk with tracking of portfolio and relationship exposures, and decreases servicing costs per loan while expanding servicing capability without extra staff.

Single point of entry: Increases efficiency by eliminating redundant data, reducing errors and lowering maintenance and operating costs.