Reconciliation Outsourcing

Free your operations team to focus on what matters.

As settlement cycles shrink and trading volumes grow, your middle and back office can quickly become overwhelmed with daily and intraday reconciliation. This routine operational task can be time-intensive and error prone. Our reconciliation and exception management outsourcing service frees your team to focus on more productive activity. Our experts provide reconciliation services to hundreds of clients around the globe. We have the experience to help resolve exceptions quickly and keep your operations running smoothly.

Improve timeliness and accuracy: Get timely and reliable reconciliations at the frequency you determine, ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling you to conduct business knowing where you stand.

Leverage expert support: Our global team of reconciliation professionals can help manage the increasing complexity of reconciliation resulting from changing regulations, entrance into new markets, and increasing data volumes.

Strong data security: SS&C provides a 24x7x365 global processing infrastructure with three primary data centers in the UK, US and Canada, each with its own back-up and business continuity facilities.