Risk & Compliance Intelligence Platform

SS&C’s Risk & Compliance Intelligence Platform (RCI) provides accurate and detailed surveillance and analysis of all transactions, orders, account activity and holdings. With RCI organizations gain confidence that their supervisory activities and compliance policies are functional, accountable, and executed consistently by assisting Chiefs of Compliance and Compliance teams with mandated day-to-day supervisory activities. RCI’s automated surveillance capability powered by an extensive library of pre-configured and customizable compliance tests supports world-wide regulations, provides the essential elements for a single compliance environment, eliminating the need to integrate data from multiple applications.

RCI’s compliance modules give firms the option to select the regulatory functionality they need:

Broker-Dealer/Investment Advisor Supervisory; supports FINRA and SEC broker, advisor and investor transaction, non-trade, position and account household surveillance requirements.

Employee Trade & Activity Monitoring: Provides systematic analysis of trade and position data to detect employee trading conflicts and includes OBA, gifts & entertainment and political donation and donation tracking and attestations.

Anti-Money Laundering Watch/Sanctions List and Transaction Monitoring: Supports compliance with US and global Anti-Money Laundering and fraud detection regulations and provides in-depth surveillance of asset, wires and cash movements.

Senior & Vulnerable Investor Surveillance: Identifies of instances of financial exploitation of elderly or vulnerable investors

Investment Suitability: Supports the Care Obligation component of Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) helping pinpoint client accounts that have drifted from the stated risk objectives and with investment concentration, diversification, time horizon and age suitability issues.

Market Manipulation Surveillance: Supports aspects of Reg NMS compliance to help identify instances of market manipulation like spoofing, layering, front-running and non-beneficial change of ownership. The Module extends the surveillance functionality of SS&C’s EZE Market Trader OMS.